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Barrels, Arches, Backdrops & Doors

We have 2 Large Timberframe Arches which can be decorated a variety of ways, as shown below. We have several 'box' arches that are great for the informal venue that needs something simple. A white arbor and a wooden doorframe, perfect for a sweetheart table backfrop are all items available for rent.


We have wine & whiskey barrels. Jack Daniels whiskey barrels are authrentic and from the distillery in Lynchburg, TN. They are available in full-size, half-size and quarter-size. Barrels are used for cake stands, decor, cake base on top of tables, drink dispenser riser, centerpieces, drink holder (half barrel with liner), etc. We also have full-size wine barrels (no insignia & grey in color) that are used with our arch setups.

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